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  • Elizabeth McQuaid, PhD

    • Elizabeth McQuaid, PhDStaff psychologist
    • Associate professor at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Selected Research Projects

    Developmental Aspects of Adherence in Pediatric Asthma
    Investigates cognitive and family predictors of adherence to inhaled asthma medications across the transition to adolescence;

    Testing Interventions in Pediatric Asthma 
    A randomized controlled trial of the addition of an adherence intervention to standard asthma education to improve asthma outcomes;

    Motivating Parents of Kids with Asthma to Quit Smoking
    A randomized controlled trial testing two theoretical models of smoking cessation interventions for parents of kids with asthma who are smokers.

    Community Partnership to Reduce Asthma Disparities
    This project compares the efficacy of two different interventions for asthma management in Latino and African American families with children who have asthma. (Principal investigator: Elizabeth McQuaid, PhD)

    Identifying Protective Factors in Urban Children with Asthma
    The primary objectives of this project are to identify child-specific, cultural, and disease-specific protective processes that minimize asthma morbidity despite exposure to adversity in urban, low-income children from African-American, Hispanic, and non-Hispanic backgrounds. (Principal investigator: Daphne Koinis Mitchell, PhD)

    Selected Publications

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    McQuaid, E.L., Penza-Clyve, S.M., Nassau, J.H., Fritz, G.K., Klein, R., O'Connor, S., Wamboldt, F., & Gavin, L.A. (in press). The asthma responsibility questionnaire: Patterns of family responsibility for asthma management. Children's Health Care.

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